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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 as an aspect, Far right predecessor Cry 3 could even say that we are looking at a very long expansion.

Far Cry 4 takes Kyrat (Himalayas), a place that offers a change of scenery, and the rest remains unchanged: exploration, hunting, promotion zurepertsonaia, enemy II, vtorynnyyTsethe bad news that we are “more of the same?” Let’s find out.

Now with more elephants

He invites you to explore its mission to save the great riznytsya4 Kyrat zaitudiktadoreav by region. Just as Far Cry 3 mission to put aside part of the charm of linear missions and the possibilitybe a large amount of content is not mandatory.

Police bail won one of the best games of the dictator, so that no one dairtenbide. You can enter the fort firing stops, mini-helicopter with a sniper attack at a distance with a high degree of unpredictabilityin the air in the autumn there are other events that make up your expedition.

linealom secondary GainerakoMisio–Āsts more, but they are more diverse than in Far Cry 3, you play, for example, the transport position of the rebel army will accompany you to a faithful companion, a grenade launcher. results areliterally explosive.

“Sounds familiar,” you probably think. Riznytsya4 adds more “tools” to unleash their creativity, such as elephants, mini-helicopter, like the animals, but the structure has not changed.

Far Cry 4 companies into chaos. kalkulatzenMultiplayer latest gulnyava mode.You can move along Kyrat as a cooperative, or other Vs. The player to interact with the flag of or caught in such a way to disable the bomb.

Another novelty is handiakanpaina fortetsyamy.Tsi stole 4 super high level of complexity, it is recommended that you try to grab themwith a friend in co-op multiplayer mode. You will have a great time alone or in the company, but we have lost more problems like this.


Kyrat is a good place. graphics zabytsFar Cry 3 extension that you in paradise, each sub Kyrat style or color can be deduced from looking at the sceneryand culture of the island contribute in some way. It trukehau, Far Cry 4 will require a powerful computer. But it’s worth the sacrifice.

If you have recently played Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 to use the textbook. And if you are new to this series, you will learn management immediately. They are very intuitive, and muchcomplex combinations of keys or buttons dezakezuHorietako (If hrayetez gamepad) unnecessarily.

The revolution is not expected

Far Cry 4 “more of the same.” We hope that you are angry at errepikatuegin FC 3, but the new scenery and a lot of options at this time? Then, jump and do not give an ideathe adventure. Are you ready for something more revolutionary? Then wait for the inevitable Far Cry 5.

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